About Us

2015June24DIL_9441Facilitated Solutions is Manitoba’s leading professional conflict management firm.  Our four partners are seasoned practitioners, each bringing over 20 years of experience to the team.

Our mediators have a wide range of expertise and specialized education in conflict analysis, group facilitation, leadership development and mediation, with diverse professional backgrounds including education, social services and business administration.

Every member of the FS team has successfully led many individuals and groups through the confusion of conflict to the clarity of new understanding and resolution.

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Other helpful things to consider when choosing to work with us:

Conflict management is our specialty. 

Providing conflict management and intervention services is our primary focus and has been since our inception in 2002.  This specialization means that we have unique expertise in both delivering services using a wide variety of models adapted to each unique context, along with the subsequent insight of years of experience with thousands of hours dealing specifically with complex conflict.


We are all active mediators and trainers in mediation.

Each of us is deeply committed to the development of the broader mediation field.  The rare combination of practitioner/trainer places our firm as a leader in pushing the boundaries of conflict intervention models. We work to grow the next generation of mediators while being a premiere national resource for advanced professional development for both veteran mediators and conflict management specialists.


We have specialized expertise in working with groups.

Interpersonal tensions are often placed against the broader backdrop of group difficulties, whether that’s at work or in a family context.  We understand the complicated dynamics of group conflicts and have developed models and intervention tools grounded in experience to help address tensions at all levels of the system.  Our expertise in this unique and complex process has been sought after not only by organizational leaders looking for resources and assistance but by experienced mediators who are seeking to expand their range of services to include working with conflicted groups.


We are the only mediation firm in Manitoba that intentionally works together as a team for support and development.

Our firm is committed to working as a team to provide both support and accountability to our mediation practice.  Our commitment to using a co-mediation/co-facilitation model is one demonstration of this value.  This means that our clients get the benefit and wisdom a the whole team, not just a single person.  Using a peer supervision model of accountability, we meet regularly to consult with one another on a variety of practice related issues.  Peer-led education and external professional development opportunities are highly valued.


Collectively, we have well over 100 years of experience in mediation and conflict management.

Experience is the greatest teacher.  While knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms and dynamics of conflict are of course critical, there is just no supplement for experience.  100 years of experience translates into over ten thousand hours in the mediation room, helping clients struggle through a vast range of extremely difficult circumstances.  And with this experience comes a very specific expertise, resourcing clients, both individuals and groups at any and all system levels, to work through tensions and conflicts towards more harmonious and productive relationships.


We have satisfied clients.

The goal of the mediation process is to build understanding between conflicted parties so that they can better manage their relationship going forward (including developing a clear “roadmap” for their future interactions).  On average, over 90% of our interpersonal mediations result in a formal agreement or memorandum of understanding between the participants.  Our clients tell us that the conversations and the commitments made in our mediation processes are instrumental in transforming interpersonal tensions and key in establishing support and accountability mechanisms.