I truly appreciate the work you have done with our team.  While it cannot be said that this was easy; at the end of the day I can say, for me personally, this was a great exercise and I honestly feel I am a better leader as a result. Your wrap-up is very timely as we just completed “pulse check” meetings with the entire group and, while there is still some work to do, the consistent message was that the team feels more happy, that tensions have eased and generally folks are encouraged by how things are going.  Thank you for the guidance and support you provided through the process.  I do believe we are on our way to becoming a good and healthy team.
Senior Executive, Crown Corporation

Thank you for sending this summary – it is really on point, while being concise.  We had a very valuable time working with you guys, and have gotten great feedback from the rest of the staff. We have even been able to put some of your processes to work in the week since!  You guys made this process enjoyable and pretty easy, considering the challenges we were looking at. We really appreciate your knowledge, delivery methods, and strategies. I hope we will have the chance to work together again in future.
Josh Ruth, Managing Director, Art City

Thank You – I know how much of the success of these kinds of initiatives turns on the mediators, and it has been and continues to be our pleasure to work with facilitated solutions, but you in particular.  The feedback we have received through this has been very positive.
Lana, Manager, educational institution

Again, I really want to thank you and your organization for what you did for me.  The whole… issue was a horrible experience for me at a terrible time in my life and that chapter has been at least repaired and we have been able to move on from it.  I don’t know [her] personal opinion but I think she would probably be in agreement.  I would recommend your services to anyone.
Bob, mediation participant, not-for-profit employee

Thank you for your work.  The detailed MOU indicates that a lot of good work went into this from all concerned.  I am very pleased with this outcome.  This gives us a very detailed framework to deal with things as they come up in the future.
Gordon, VP, educational institution

Thanks, we really appreciate all of the consideration you have given this matter.  You can be sure that I will recommend you to any sports that need professional guidance.
Andrew, mediation participant, sporting organization

Wow! You certainly are very good at your job!  I think [the MOU] is great! I would like to have it to read on occasion to remind myself of our objectives and continue to “steer in right direction!” Things going pretty darn good at work now. Thank you so much for making those meetings that I initially was dreading so comfortable!
Elizabeth, mediation participant, health care sector

Thank you for the input from you both in the mediation. I don’t believe we would have been able to break away from the struggles we were having with each other without a third party keying in on what was required.
Ellen, mediation participant, crown corporation

I thought a lot about what we talked about in our session and wanted to thank you for your help. I think it made me realize how honest I needed to be today and I took that risk. I sense it went well and that we can move forward into a better place. Thanks again for your input!
Susan, coaching client, government employee

This training was excellent!  Much better than I expected and I had HIGH expectations!!  Thank you!
Barb, training participant, union rep

I am so thankful for the opportunity you gave me on what felt like a very personal level to be heard, validated, and supported. I just want to thank you so much Louise, and I don’t even know how to do that with enough emphasis that you will truly know the depth at which you touched me at such a difficult time.  I am so pleased that I can tell you that there has been a happy ending.
Sherry, mediation participant, private sector 

I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your company. Although I don’t especially want to have to use your services again, I would not hesitate at all to do so if it was needed.
Annette, mediation participant, health care sector

It was a pleasure meeting with you both on Sunday, very enlightening. I was discussing what I learned about communication with my daughter yesterday and she was quite interested in moving forward as well.  [The other family member] was also quite moved after our meeting on Sunday.  Thank you so much …you were both brilliant……I would recommend you both to everyone.
Tara, mediation participant, family member

What happened [in our session] seems like a miracle to me and right now I just want to enjoy the way it is going in the office.  Thank you so much for all your help in this, for coaching me, affirming me, supporting me, questioning me, showing me new ways of relating and communicating…I very much believe in mediation now.
Lilian, mediation participant, educational institution