Ferdinand: An Unexpected Learning

This past Friday was a “no school” day, so I booked the afternoon off and took my son Noah out to a movie. Now Noah is a delightful 19-year-old on the autism spectrum who is into animated movies in a … Continued

Differences + Tension

  Defining Conflict “One of my colleagues (Dave Dyck) likes to say that conflict is ‘differences plus tension’. (I like to say it now, too.) Think about this. If we accept this basic idea, how might that change things?” Communication & … Continued

10 Actions for Peace

  With the year wrapping up and the holiday season well nigh, I have found myself falling prey to getting caught up in the “busy”.  I know better too!  Worrying about “all the things that need to be done” is … Continued

On Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance.   That word has come up a lot over the past year in different contexts and I thought I should spend some time reflecting on it.   Leon Festinger, an American social psychologist, proposed that, as human beings, … Continued

Big Ears, Big Heart

      The biggest communication problem is that we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.                                            … Continued

Let Them Fight

13 years ago, I took my second son, then a newborn, to the office to meet my coworkers.  I will never forget how ecstatic one of my colleagues was at the news we had two little boys.   Boys are … Continued

Mindfulness, Hope and Compassion? Oh My!

Part One of Three: Resonant Leadership and Mindfulness Author: Eleanor Moore So how do qualities like mindfulness, hope and compassion factor in to Leadership? Why should we, or the organizations we work with, care if the leader is benevolent as long … Continued

Unburden yourself through forgiveness

Authored by: Louise Pelletier I recently attended an advanced training session on Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Mediation with Kenneth Cloke. In the mediation world, Ken is known as a guru so I was fairly confident that the sessions would be … Continued