Positional and Relational Authority

While title and position are an important source of authority, leaders must also develop relational authority to be able to develop and maintain an engaged, accountable, and resilient team. When healthy positional and relational authority are in place, teams work … Continued

Michael Labun

For over 15 years, Michael Labun has used his background and experiences as an HR professional to help organizations deal with conflict. Michael’s mediation history includes workplace, customer/vendor, family, community, faith community and victim/offender disputes. Michael has worked with everything from … Continued

The Rule of the 4 F’s in Action

Authored by David Falk Early in my career as a mediator I was taught the rule of the 4F’s – Feelings First, Facts Follow.  This rule is intended to guide listeners to first listen to the heart, to how someone … Continued

Trust is a Verb

  As a mediator, trust is an important value that comes up in every single situation that I have been involved in. Not surprising really. Relationships matter to people. Trust brings us into a deeper connection with each other.  The … Continued

Be It Resolved…

By Eleanor Moore Ahh, 2016, the wonderful promise of “new” in the starting of another year. I’ve toyed with resolutions in the past. But I kind of resented the manufactured feel of making New Year’s resolutions. It just felt so … Continued

Tell Them Why

By Shannon Gander   When we are facilitating team renewal sessions, we always work from a strengths-based approach. Meaning, first we want to highlight what is going well, what works, and what the team is proud of (because there is … Continued

Choices in Conflict

By Janine Hogue Sansregret In the first chapter of Pema Chӧdrӧn’s” Taking the Leap” she describes a story that was widely distributed after 911. “A Native American grandfather was speaking to his grandson about violence and cruelty in the world … Continued

Let’s go for a walk

By David Dyck “He grew up without my influence and I grew up without his.” These words from Richard Wagamese have been echoing in my head ever since I heard them 6 weeks ago. Wagamese, conducting a radio interview about … Continued