Separation and Divorce Mediation

Separating/divorcing is one of the most difficult, stressful and financially costly transitions a person experiences in their lifetime:

The intensity of the devastation of divorcing is second only to experiencing the death of a spouse or a child.


In addition to the heartache, many couples walk away from their relationship with thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars of debt due to legal fees.

We believe this does a great disservice to the many families who could benefit from some active assistance with the process yet do not want or require a complicated, adversarial process.


Mediation offers a more straightforward and cost-effective alternative to traditional options.  

Our mediators will walk along side you and your ex as you go through this painful process.  We help you focus on and talk through the things that are most important to you, and assist you as you negotiate the details and terms of your separation.

We are trained and experienced in helping people have difficult yet effective conversations that can prepare you for the legal finalization of the process. We are not lawyers so can not and will not provide any legal advice or counsel on your entitlements.


Sliding Scale Fees


We recognize that the process of separating and divorcing can add an enormous financial burden to an already incredibly stressful, painful situation.

We believe that all Manitobans should have access to the highest quality options when it comes to navigating this very significant family transition.

Because this is so important to our firm, we offer a sliding scale based on the combined income of the separating couple.

We receive no external funding to subsidize this service – all of our family mediators willingly work for reduced rates in order to meet this very important need in our community.

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Separation Divorce Mediation

As you make decisions regarding how best to proceed, listen to a panel of experts discuss the challenges of navigating our family court systems.

Then consider mediation as a gentler, less stressful way forward.

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