Janine Hogue Sansregret, Associate

2015June24DIL_9180Janine Hogue Sansregret has been a full time mediator for over 10 years. Much of her career has focused on victim/offender and community mediation. She is also an Associate of the Resolution Skill Center training program and an active volunteer mediator with the Restorative Action Centre of Mediation Services. Janine holds a Certificate in Mediation Skills and a degree in Conflict Resolution Studies from the University of Winnipeg.  View Janine’s CV.

Direct phone: 204-801-4375
Email: jhs@fscanada.org


Areas of Practice:

  • Mediation of workplace disputes
  • Mediation of family  and community conflicts
  • Conflict coaching


Industry Areas:

  • Not-for-profit agencies
  • Healthcare
  • Educational institutions
  • Crown corporations
  • Faith based organizations
  • Small business


Academic and Professional Achievements:

BA in Conflict Resolution Studies, University of Winnipeg, 2000
Certificate in Mediation, Mediation Services Winnipeg, 2011


More about me:

When I’m not working, my husband Vince and I are very busy with three amazing young children. We spend family time playing games, going for bike rides, doing art projects, swimming and having adventures out of the city. It’s rare for me to have additional free time, but when I do I enjoy sewing.

My community involvement usually centres around children and creativity.  I’m currently actively involved in my children’s school parent council and the Peace Garden Committee.


What I love about being a mediator:

I am believer that people are capable of resolving their own conflicts.  It is amazing to be able to provide people with the process, tools and space to get a better understanding of the past and create strategies for moving forward.


What I love about being part of the FS team:

The FS team is an incredibly creative, supportive group.  Each member is truly passionate about the work they do.


My favourite artists:

I admire the work of many local artists including: Jennie O, Talia Potash, Lisa Wood, Shawna Dempsey.


My favourite movies:

Pretty much anything with Gene Kelly


My favourite sports or activities:

Skating outdoors and swimming