Shannon Gander, Associate

2015June24DIL_9237Shannon Gander is a skilled facilitator and coach consulting with workplaces and teams since the early 1990′s. Shannon brings her dynamic background to the FS team including certification in mediation, 20 years of counselling experience and clinical training in Corporate Health and Wellness from the University of Western Australia. Shannon works with couples, families, small and large teams and private, public, and community sectors. Her experience also includes work with amateur and high performance athletes and coaches. Shannon is passionate about supporting her clients to reach their fullest potential and is committed to helping organizations and communities revive and thrive.
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Direct phone: 


Areas of Practice:

  • Mediation of workplace disputes
  • Mediation of family  and community conflicts
  • Conflict coaching


Industry Areas:

  • Healthcare
  • Educational institutions
  • Crown corporations
  • Not-for-profit/community agencies


More about me:

Shannon Ropes

When I am not working with clients, I have a family life that keeps me very busy. My teenagers are very active and keep me on my toes whether this means running around to sport activities or mediating their disputes. As a family we enjoy outdoor pursuits year round (e.g., skiing, watersports, volleyball, etc) and have a wonderful community of friends that we connect with through cottage life in the summertime.


What I love about being part of the FS team:

It provides me with an opportunity to work with like-minded professionals who take the importance of relationships (be it work, family, community) seriously and are committed to helping individuals, groups and teams achieve their best.

What makes me happy:

Time with friends, cooking, travel, a great run and a hot cup of coffee with the newspaper on a Saturday morning.
Shannon Ski
A book that sticks with me is:

Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman because it raised my awareness many years ago of the power of optimism over pessimism for living a better life.

A book I would recommend to anyone:

One Good Thing by Rick Hanson because it is a good reminder that no matter how busy we are on any given day, we always have a moment (if just seconds) to do one thing that contributes to our wellness (and everything counts).

One of my favourite quotes:

“Treating people fairly is not about treating them exactly the same. It is about acknowledging the differences and rising to them to bring about fairness.” ~ Unknown