Workplace Assessment

Facilitating ChangeIs gossip and unresolved conflict on your team bogging down productivity and lowering morale in your organization?  Do you feel like it’s your responsibility as a leader to address it but you aren’t even sure exactly what the root issues are?


A workplace assessment is often the first step in helping a team get “unstuck”.  It gives you the information required to understand the various influences that impact a work team, ultimately allowing you to address the root causes.


Main objectives of workplace assessments:

  • To take a “temperature check” of a work team or department
  • To gather information to identify and clarify areas of strength and the areas of concern from the perspective of the group members
  • It is not an investigation or fact-finding mission.  We ask people to share their perspectives and perceptions.


Phase one:

  • Individual confidential interviews (about an hour or so in length) with all staff in the work area
  • Facilitators compile and analyze the information
  • Facilitators offer some options for next steps (i.e. ideas/recommendations for addressing concerns)
  • A clear plan for next steps is made together (management as “partial insiders” and the FS consultants as “objective outsiders”)


Phase two:

  • Implementation of the action plan, led by leadership/management, in partnership with facilitators
  • Typical process options/action plan activities include:
      • Training
      • Coaching
      • Facilitated conversations
      • Facilitated team meetings
      • Facilitated feedback processes


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