Team Renewal

Team development sessions focus on conflict prevention and proactive team development.

Good teams have many characteristics such as trust, respect, clarity, flexibility, tradition, innovation, excellence and a sense of fun. Great work teams not only have these traits, but also the ability to both navigate and bounce back from difficult moments.

Team development sessions are a progressive series of three or four half-day events designed to develop a team’s capacity to effectively and respectfully prevent, manage and resolve the inevitable misunderstandings, tensions and conflicts that occur at work.

The specific design/focus for your team development sessions is negotiated either through a conversation with the team leader/designate or through a team assessment process where all team members are interviewed prior to the team development session(s).


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Methodology/Sample Project Plan

Sample Three-Session Outline


Session 1: Introduction to resilient teams

  • Navigation: a guide for team renewal
  • Identifying team strengths
  • Five traits of resilient vs. dysfunctional teams
  • Dynamics of trust
  • Appreciating individual strengths


Session 2: Working with style difference and conflict

  • Establishing an internal team dynamic goal and task goal
  • Identifying patterns of tension and conflict
  • Skills to prevent and clear up misunderstandings
  • Tools to manage differences
  • Processes to resolve conflict


Session 3: Developing a recovery plan (team charter)

  • Confirming/refining team goals
  • Setting team expectations / commitments to work towards these goals
  • Developing a “recovery plan” (expectations on how the team will recover from future challenges)
  • Sharing personal commitments