Workplace Conflict Management Training

Every session we provide (whether it’s a one hour key note address or a 4 day skills training program) is custom built, based on the specific needs of our client’s particular, unique context and culture.

We don’t do “cookie cutter” at FS.

Our training content is borne of our personal direct practice, helping people move through conflict.  We live what we teach.

All of our training session focus on:

  • Increasing personal awareness
  • Exploring frameworks for improving relationships
  • Building skills
  • Creating opportunities for practice

Many of our clients have shifted to offering training opportunities that combine several of our topics into a unique and comprehensive program that is then rolled out to all their staff – both leadership (with a specialized focus) and frontline staff.

We know that every minute that your staff are involved in training is an investment.  We’d love to have a conversation with you about your particular context and objectives, and build something together with you that so that every. single. minute. of this investment brings value and exponential return to your organization.

Click below to review the details of some recent training programs we’ve developed in collaboration with/delivered to our clients:

Communication Skills for Effective Leadership (for entire staff complement (over 500 people), incluidng management and senior leadership team in “Executive Edition”)

Fostering Mental Health and Safety in the Workplace (for entire staff complement (over 200 people), with leadership integrated into the sessions)

Building and Maintaining Resilient Teams (for entire staff complement, over 140 people)

Early Intervention: Conflict Coaching and Mediation Skills (for entire HR team, 26 people)


How to Have Difficult Conversations

Communication Skills for Conflict Resolution

Building Respectful Workplaces

Talking about Mental Health at Work

Dealing With Anger in the Workplace

Navigating Organizational Conflict

Managing Defensiveness

Coaching: Moving Beyond Empathy and Advice

Early Intervention Skills: Insider Mediation

Leading from Centre: How to Show Up as Needed

Dismantling Racism

Building Personal Resilience

From ‘Us & Them’ to ‘We’:  Strategies & Tools for Addressing Group Conflict

Putting the Gag on Workplace Gossip

Building Trust

Managing Your Primary Leadership Asset: Yourself

Managing Unresolvable Problems

Leading Through Change

Building Resilient Teams

Meetings: From Miserable to Meaningful