Here’s what some of our training clients have told us about their experiences:


This was an excellent program, with practical real skills that can be applied every day.


This is a specific skill set that can be added to a leader’s “tool kit.” It is something that needs to be practiced if the leader is going to be effective at using the skills. This is a much more practical set of skills rather than leadership theory that is often provided by other programs.


Being able to practice the skills discuss and apply them was very valuable. As well, having the session over multiple days allowed real office application of skills which could then be discussed at the next session.


A tie between the amount of time available for sharing experiences with fellow leaders, and the coached/facilitated role plays was the most valuable aspect of the day.


Most value: polarities framework, the coaching model – for feedback and mediation. Leading from the Centre paradigm was very insightful.


The role playing/coaching we did in class on real situations that you may be dealing with presently was a great benefit and has actually assisted me in having that meeting with a particular staff member that might not be performing at their best currently. Also, I think everyone in attendance realizes we are all facing very similar challenges with staff members and now we have go to people know to bounce ideas off, our work colleagues, if we need some direction in how to approach particular issues.


Excellent models, tools and the concept cards were valuable for taking the learning and finding ways to apply it in day to day work situations.